At Forge Garage Repairs we get our fair share of stories to tell, the epic fails as they're known in the trade. Here's a few MOT Tales that we have come across from many years in the trade and a few others from fellow MOT Testers that subscribe to the Gov.UK website and their blog called Matters of Testing.

Pothole Damage

Forge Garage Repairs Specialist MOT Centre Sevenoaks Kent

This photo shows damage to the wheel and tyre believed to be the result of a pothole.This type of damage is becoming a more common sight particularly as more vehicles are now sporting lower profile tyres. In this case the damage to the tyre and the edge of the rim gives a clear indication of the impact and prompts a closer investigation. But the crack to the rim could’ve easily been missed without the corresponding wheel damage highlighting the impact area.

Halloween Horror - A Nightmare on Any Street

Forge Garage Repairs Specialist MOT Centre Sevenoaks Kent

Well we have seen cracked and broken wheel rims before but not many as bad as this. It is a surprise that the tyre has remained inflated, let alone on the rim, and made it for its MOT. To their credit the owner was aware of the damage to the wheel, but had not bothered to get it changed as they had lost the wheel nut key.

Halloween Horror - The Track Rod End Is Nigh

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